About Amazing Deshi:

Good Friends Ventures

As many great stories begin with an Idea for reform. Good Friends Ventures is also an initiative, taken by a group of nature-concerned friends in Barwani district of Madhya Pradesh (India).

In the current era, every one is concerned about health, but due to un-healthy lifestyle and extreme busy schedules, it is very difficult to go for a healthy, hygienic and sustainable food.

At Good Friends Ventures, we dreamed and planned to go for a healthy-food line like collection of good quality grain, spices, nuts etc to produce good food products, first food oil.

Journey of Amazing Deshi, began with an idea to bring healthy oil atleast in the kitchen of Indian families.


What makes us different

What we do?

Building rural India not only improves the economy but also builds self-esteem in the community and enables them to pool resources and improve infrastructure.

Our Vision

With a dream of delivering traditional Indian cooking oil on the plates of every Indian at affordable prices,


Our Mission

We are committed to take our vision as mission for a long journey to bring the healthy cooking style in the kitchen of Indian families.

What is Amazing Deshi?

    Amazing Deshi is an initiative to manufacture nothing but the Best quality food products to every kitchen in India. Our humble beginning kicked off with Ground-Nut oil and today has.

    We took our baby-steps from the organic epicenter of Madhya Pradesh – a place, away from the hustle and bustle of the modern-day life and a place away from the pollution of modern factories. Barwani district is known for its tribal population, indigenous culture and traditional ways of co-existence with the nature. Our tribes of Bheel, Barela, Adiwasis are still deeply rooted into nature-based therapies, traditional medicine and a lifestyle wherein pesticides and harmful chemicals have no place!


    Maa Narmada and her blessings !!


    Barwani is situated on the banks of Narmada River which is considered as the life-line of lakhs and crores of people.The River is known as “Maa Narmada – The Mother Narmada”, that has fertile river-banks that produce some of the best quality vegies, crops and edibles for its inhabitants. Most of these yields are organic products and GFV has taken up the mission to provide this purity to each Indian, so that the health benefits of these pure products can reach millions of people.


Founders of Amazing Deshi

Here are the energetic and visionary founders of Amazing Deshi

Rajendra Pipre
Rajendra Pipre
Rajendra Pipre is the co-founder and CEO of Good Friends Ventures. He is also co-founder of GreenLungs Initiative (an NGO) contributing in growth of plants-trees in Barwani district.
Sunil Dubey
Advisor and Guide to Good Friends Ventures for global exposure so that we can make better options for your food ingredients. He is also co-founder of GreenLungs.
Vinod Malviya
Advisor and Guide to Good Friends Ventures for global exposure so that we can make better options for your food ingredients. He is also co-founder of GreenLungs.
Technical Support for Amazing Deshi. He is a Banker, social worker, and web developer and New Business promotor as well.

What Customers Say

Great quality Product. Oils seems to be very natural and chemical free. makes foams while cooking so it’s pure! Just found what I was looking for. Thank you Amazing Deshi.
Monika Sharma
Indore, Madhya Pradesh
I tried groundnut, This groundnut is the best oil I have ever used. I have tried many different brands of cold pressed oil but Amazing Deshi is one of the best I found. Their shipping is fast too!
Indore, Madhya Pradesh
Best Musturd Oil in the market of cold pressed oils.
Lakshya Yadav
Indore, Madhya Pradesh

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Talk to us on +91-9009218000 or email: info@amazingdeshi.com